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efootie's Journal

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Soccer/Football Watching/News
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We will have watch and picspam/discussion posts on game days. You are free to post news as you see fit about the teams/players.

1. Treat people with respect. Football gives you joy, do not say things to others that will turn them away from the sport because you could not watch what you said.

2. No fighting. Obviously we don't all like the same clubs/NTs, but that doesn't mean you can attack other people. Respect that people have their reasons for liking that team and they will respect you. This also means no personal attacks, so just agree to disagree and walk away.

3. If you choose to post about specific players, try and stay away from very personal things. This comm is about a sport, not People magazine. That is not to say you can't post about WAGs. If you'd like to talk about a WAG and news regarding whatever work they do with relation to footie or their footballer, that's fine. What is not acceptable will be rumours about personal lives. The only time a post can be dedicated to a single player is on their birthday. If you want to have a general striker/GK/thigh/etc appreciation post, that is ok.

4. Stay on topic. Even though watching posts offer a chance for discussion, this is not a chat post. Picture posts are there for pictures for certain game days.

5. If you're ever unsure about a post or feel uncomfortable in some way in this community, please contact a mod. We are all nice and understanding people, and don't feel as though anything is too small. If it's bothering you, then obviously it's bothering you for a reason. We want this to be a place of learning, not judgment. Please view this post on means to contact a mod.

If you can't message a mod for any reason, you can also email: lafrancaise8@gmail.com

6. Our policy on banning: We do have a warning system here. We will message you three times about your behavior and if you do not change your behaviour, we will ban you. When you are contacted for any reason, we do give you methods to contact the maintainers, so if you have any comments/questions about a warning or even a ban, we are open to revisiting the issue. If a member has been banned and would like to return to the community, they must contact a mod, and we will discuss if they should be added back. If this member chooses to repeat their unwanted behaviour after returning to the community, they will be banned permanently.

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